Thank You!!!

This blog is very important to me because I realized just the other day that I’d reached a month in business.  As I reflected on the entire month, the process to opening my business, and the years' spent planning for this moment in my life, I concluded that I should express in written form just how grateful I am for this journey. 

 Today, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you, my supporters and new customers.  Additionally, I want to share with all of you what’s been going on with the business since the debut a little over a month ago.

 First and foremost, thank you to all of my supporters and new customers!  The success of the debut and first month of business was undoubtedly because of you.  All of your likes, kind text messages, comments, shares, tags, and purchases have truly been a blessing to me and my small business.  I was so overjoyed to read comments that you loved your products and that you’d given or sent greeting cards to your girlfriends.  Some of you even sent me photos of magnets on your refrigerators, clings on your bathroom mirrors, and decals on your walls.  The roll out of the Father’s Day cards was a great success.  So much so, that I will be producing additional special occasion and holiday cards.  So be on the lookout for those!  It is my sincere hope that you continue on this ride with me and I am able to inspire you even more through my words that are highlighted on my products.  I am truly grateful for you and all of your support!!!! Thank you!!!!

 Now, let’s get to the good news and updates!

 Many of you may have noticed that NaomiRuth Expressions has begun promoting three new campaigns through our social media.  The goal was to further reach women and girls in our community that are real gems and deserved some shine on their hard work and accomplishments.  With this in mind, I created, Mommy Monday’s, Worthy Wednesday’s, and Friendship Friday’s

Mommy Monday’s is a platform to highlight moms taking care of their families, and themselves too while juggling everything else that life delivers.  Worthy Wednesday’s are for our young pre-teens, teens and young adult women striving to do their very best in school, at home, in their community, and in life.  We want to further uplift them to the world letting them know that they are worthy and are loved.  Friendship Friday’s is a day to celebrate all friendships among women and girls in your personal life, your work life, your church life, your team life, and/or your school life.

 Through Mommy Monday and Worthy Wednesday, we ask that you tag a few women and girls that are deserving of a free inspirational gift from NaomiRuth Expressions.  So far, that’s been a huge success receiving so many nominations of awesome women and girls.  Additionally, Friendship Friday is a day we feature a product with a special discount code for you to be able to purchase only that day at that special price. To celebrate our first month in business, starting today, three package products will be 10 dollars off throughout the week (July 13th-July 20th).  Be sure to take advantage of that!

 To wrap up, I’d like to inform you that there are NEW products coming very soon that will complement the current products and their themes.  I am very excited to get them out to you so you can continue uplifting and spreading love to your girlfriends. 

Peace and Love


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