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Why the name NaomiRuth?

The name NaomiRuth was chosen for very special and personal reasons.  Both, Naomi and Ruth, of the Old Testament were loyal to one another providing a great template on supportive and nurturing friendships as women.  Ruth was the name of my paternal grandmother, and the favorite book of the Bible for my maternal grandmother, Gloria.  Grandma Gloria often referenced the Book of Ruth when advising me on nurturing and navigating friendships throughout my adolescence and early adulthood.  It was also through Grandma Gloria that I learned to appreciate a nice handwritten note and a beautiful greeting card.  She took pride in shopping for and selecting greeting cards regardless of the occasion.  Her bedside stand became the sacred place for every greeting card she ever received, and to this day my bedside stand is the sacred place for my greeting cards as well.  

After a dear girlfriend and her family moved across the country, the need for us to adjust our way of communicating with one another became priority.  Texting was cool, but it wasn't the same as meeting in person as we were used to.  So, I  began to write. And write. And write.  I wrote as though I was speaking to her in person. During this time, I reflected on all of my friendships, mostly all afar, and decided to celebrate them through my writing.  So, NaomiRuth Expressions was created in 2016.

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2020 Back 2 School Drive for Mary's Place WA

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Customer Review

"My wife and I love your products. Really inspiring story."


Customer Review

" I loved the Father's Day cards and magnets that I ordered in June"

Kelli M.